• 5DN C/U Playset

5DN C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Fifth Dawn set. This totals 440 cards.

This bundle only includes the base set cards from 5DN with collector numbers between 1 and 165. Any variants or special cards with a higher collector number are not included.

Included items:
4x Abuna's Chant
4x Advanced Hoverguard
4x Anodet Lurker
4x Arachnoid
4x Arcbound Wanderer
4x Armed Response
4x Auriok Salvagers
4x Avarice Totem
4x Baton of Courage
4x Battered Golem
4x Blasting Station
4x Blind Creeper
4x Cackling Imp
4x Channel the Suns
4x Chimeric Coils
4x Circle of Protection: Artifacts
4x Clock of Omens
4x Composite Golem
4x Condescend
4x Conjurer's Bauble
4x Cranial Plating
4x Dawn's Reflection
4x Devour in Shadow
4x Disruption Aura
4x Dross Crocodile
4x Early Frost
4x Ebon Drake
4x Energy Chamber
4x Ensouled Scimitar
4x Etched Oracle
4x Eternal Witness
4x Eyes of the Watcher
4x Fangren Pathcutter
4x Feedback Bolt
4x Ferocious Charge
4x Ferropede
4x Fill with Fright
4x Fleshgrafter
4x Fold into Aether
4x Furnace Whelp
4x Gemstone Array
4x Goblin Brawler
4x Goblin Cannon
4x Grafted Wargear
4x Grinding Station
4x Guardian Idol
4x Healer's Headdress
4x Heliophial
4x Horned Helm
4x Infused Arrows
4x Into Thin Air
4x Iron-Barb Hellion
4x Krark-Clan Engineers
4x Krark-Clan Ironworks
4x Krark-Clan Ogre
4x Lantern of Insight
4x Leonin Squire
4x Lose Hope
4x Loxodon Anchorite
4x Loxodon Stalwart
4x Lunar Avenger
4x Magma Jet
4x Magnetic Theft
4x Mana Geyser
4x Myr Quadropod
4x Myr Servitor
4x Neurok Stealthsuit
4x Night's Whisper
4x Nim Grotesque
4x Opaline Bracers
4x Ouphe Vandals
4x Paradise Mantle
4x Pentad Prism
4x Plasma Elemental
4x Qumulox
4x Rain of Rust
4x Razorgrass Screen
4x Relentless Rats
4x Relic Barrier
4x Sawtooth Thresher
4x Screaming Fury
4x Serum Visions
4x Shattered Dreams
4x Skullcage
4x Skyhunter Prowler
4x Skyhunter Skirmisher
4x Skyreach Manta
4x Spark Elemental
4x Sparring Collar
4x Spinal Parasite
4x Stand Firm
4x Stasis Cocoon
4x Steelshaper's Gift
4x Suntouched Myr
4x Sylvok Explorer
4x Synod Centurion
4x Tangle Asp
4x Tel-Jilad Justice
4x Tel-Jilad Lifebreather
4x Thermal Navigator
4x Thought Courier
4x Trinket Mage
4x Tyrranax
4x Vanquish
4x Vedalken Mastermind
4x Vicious Betrayal
4x Viridian Lorebearers
4x Viridian Scout
4x Vulshok Sorcerer
4x Wayfarer's Bauble

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