• AKH Complete Foil Set

AKH Complete Foil Set

One foil copy of each card in the Amonkhet set. This totals 269 cards.

This bundle only includes the base set cards from AKH with collector numbers between 1 and 269. Any variants or special cards with a higher collector number are not included.

Included items:
1x Ahn-Crop Champion
1x Ahn-Crop Crasher
1x Ancient Crab
1x Angel of Sanctions
1x Angler Drake
1x Anointed Procession
1x Anointer Priest
1x Approach of the Second Sun
1x Archfiend of Ifnir
1x As Foretold
1x Aven Initiate
1x Aven Mindcensor
1x Aven Wind Guide
1x Baleful Ammit
1x Battlefield Scavenger
1x Benefaction of Rhonas
1x Binding Mummy
1x Bitterblade Warrior
1x Blazing Volley
1x Blighted Bat
1x Bloodlust Inciter
1x Bloodrage Brawler
1x Bone Picker
1x Bontu the Glorified
1x Bontu's Monument
1x Bounty of the Luxa
1x Brute Strength
1x By Force
1x Cancel
1x Canyon Slough
1x Cartouche of Ambition
1x Cartouche of Knowledge
1x Cartouche of Solidarity
1x Cartouche of Strength
1x Cartouche of Zeal
1x Cascading Cataracts
1x Cast Out
1x Censor
1x Champion of Rhonas
1x Channeler Initiate
1x Colossapede
1x Combat Celebrant
1x Compelling Argument
1x Compulsory Rest
1x Consuming Fervor
1x Cradle of the Accursed
1x Crocodile of the Crossing
1x Cruel Reality
1x Cryptic Serpent
1x Curator of Mysteries
1x Cursed Minotaur
1x Decimator Beetle
1x Decision Paralysis
1x Deem Worthy
1x Defiant Greatmaw
1x Desert Cerodon
1x Devoted Crop-Mate
1x Dispossess
1x Dissenter's Deliverance
1x Djeru's Resolve
1x Doomed Dissenter
1x Drake Haven
1x Dread Wanderer
1x Dune Beetle
1x Edifice of Authority
1x Electrify
1x Embalmer's Tools
1x Emberhorn Minotaur
1x Enigma Drake
1x Essence Scatter
1x Evolving Wilds
1x Exemplar of Strength
1x Faith of the Devoted
1x Fan Bearer
1x Festering Mummy
1x Fetid Pools
1x Final Reward
1x Flameblade Adept
1x Fling
1x Floodwaters
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forsake the Worldly
1x Galestrike
1x Gate to the Afterlife
1x Giant Spider
1x Gideon of the Trials
1x Gideon's Intervention
1x Gift of Paradise
1x Glorious End
1x Glory-Bound Initiate
1x Glorybringer
1x Glyph Keeper
1x Grasping Dunes
1x Gravedigger
1x Greater Sandwurm
1x Grim Strider
1x Gust Walker
1x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
1x Hapatra's Mark
1x Harsh Mentor
1x Harvest Season
1x Haze of Pollen
1x Hazoret the Fervent
1x Hazoret's Favor
1x Hazoret's Monument
1x Heart-Piercer Manticore
1x Hekma Sentinels
1x Hieroglyphic Illumination
1x Honed Khopesh
1x Honored Crop-Captain
1x Honored Hydra
1x Hooded Brawler
1x Horror of the Broken Lands
1x Hyena Pack
1x Illusory Wrappings
1x Impeccable Timing
1x In Oketra's Name
1x Initiate's Companion
1x Irrigated Farmland
1x Island
1x Island
1x Island
1x Island
1x Kefnet the Mindful
1x Kefnet's Monument
1x Khenra Charioteer
1x Labyrinth Guardian
1x Lay Bare the Heart
1x Lay Claim
1x Liliana, Death's Majesty
1x Liliana's Mastery
1x Limits of Solidarity
1x Lord of the Accursed
1x Luxa River Shrine
1x Magma Spray
1x Manglehorn
1x Manticore of the Gauntlet
1x Merciless Javelineer
1x Miasmic Mummy
1x Mighty Leap
1x Minotaur Sureshot
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Naga Oracle
1x Naga Vitalist
1x Nef-Crop Entangler
1x Neheb, the Worthy
1x Nest of Scarabs
1x New Perspectives
1x Nimble-Blade Khenra
1x Nissa, Steward of Elements
1x Oashra Cultivator
1x Oketra the True
1x Oketra's Attendant
1x Oketra's Monument
1x Open into Wonder
1x Oracle's Vault
1x Ornery Kudu
1x Painful Lesson
1x Painted Bluffs
1x Pathmaker Initiate
1x Pitiless Vizier
1x Plague Belcher
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Pouncing Cheetah
1x Protection of the Hekma
1x Prowling Serpopard
1x Pull from Tomorrow
1x Pursue Glory
1x Pyramid of the Pantheon
1x Quarry Hauler
1x Regal Caracal
1x Renewed Faith
1x Rhet-Crop Spearmaster
1x Rhonas the Indomitable
1x Rhonas's Monument
1x River Serpent
1x Ruthless Sniper
1x Sacred Cat
1x Sacred Excavation
1x Samut, Voice of Dissent
1x Sandwurm Convergence
1x Scaled Behemoth
1x Scarab Feast
1x Scattered Groves
1x Scribe of the Mindful
1x Seeker of Insight
1x Seraph of the Suns
1x Shadow of the Grave
1x Shadowstorm Vizier
1x Shed Weakness
1x Shefet Monitor
1x Sheltered Thicket
1x Shimmerscale Drake
1x Sixth Sense
1x Slither Blade
1x Soul-Scar Mage
1x Soulstinger
1x Sparring Mummy
1x Spidery Grasp
1x Splendid Agony
1x Stinging Shot
1x Stir the Sands
1x Sunscorched Desert
1x Supernatural Stamina
1x Supply Caravan
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Sweltering Suns
1x Synchronized Strike
1x Tah-Crop Elite
1x Tah-Crop Skirmisher
1x Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun
1x Those Who Serve
1x Thresher Lizard
1x Throne of the God-Pharaoh
1x Time to Reflect
1x Tormenting Voice
1x Trespasser's Curse
1x Trial of Ambition
1x Trial of Knowledge
1x Trial of Solidarity
1x Trial of Strength
1x Trial of Zeal
1x Trueheart Duelist
1x Trueheart Twins
1x Unburden
1x Unwavering Initiate
1x Violent Impact
1x Vizier of Deferment
1x Vizier of Many Faces
1x Vizier of Remedies
1x Vizier of the Menagerie
1x Vizier of Tumbling Sands
1x Wander in Death
1x Warfire Javelineer
1x Wasteland Scorpion
1x Watchers of the Dead
1x Watchful Naga
1x Wayward Servant
1x Weaver of Currents
1x Winds of Rebuke
1x Winged Shepherd
1x Zenith Seeker

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