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  • DIS C/U Playset

DIS C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Dissension set. This totals 480 cards.

Included items:
4x Aquastrand Spider
4x Assault Zeppelid
4x Aurora Eidolon
4x Azorius Aethermage
4x Azorius Chancery
4x Azorius First-Wing
4x Azorius Guildmage
4x Azorius Herald
4x Azorius Ploy
4x Azorius Signet
4x Beacon Hawk
4x Blessing of the Nephilim
4x Bond of Agony
4x Brace for Impact
4x Brain Pry
4x Cackling Flames
4x Carom
4x Coiling Oracle
4x Condemn
4x Court Hussar
4x Crypt Champion
4x Cytospawn Shambler
4x Delirium Skeins
4x Demon's Jester
4x Drekavac
4x Enemy of the Guildpact
4x Enigma Eidolon
4x Entropic Eidolon
4x Fertile Imagination
4x Flame-Kin War Scout
4x Flaring Flame-Kin
4x Flash Foliage
4x Freewind Equenaut
4x Ghost Quarter
4x Gnat Alley Creeper
4x Gobhobbler Rats
4x Guardian of the Guildpact
4x Haazda Exonerator
4x Helium Squirter
4x Hellhole Rats
4x Hit/Run
4x Ignorant Bliss
4x Indrik Stomphowler
4x Jagged Poppet
4x Kill-Suit Cultist
4x Kindle the Carnage
4x Leafdrake Roost
4x Macabre Waltz
4x Magewright's Stone
4x Might of the Nephilim
4x Minister of Impediments
4x Mistral Charger
4x Nettling Curse
4x Nightcreep
4x Novijen, Heart of Progress
4x Ocular Halo
4x Ogre Gatecrasher
4x Overrule
4x Pain Magnification
4x Paladin of Prahv
4x Palliation Accord
4x Patagia Viper
4x Plaxcaster Frogling
4x Plaxmanta
4x Plumes of Peace
4x Prahv, Spires of Order
4x Psychotic Fury
4x Pure/Simple
4x Ragamuffyn
4x Rakdos Carnarium
4x Rakdos Guildmage
4x Rakdos Ickspitter
4x Rakdos Signet
4x Riot Spikes
4x Rise/Fall
4x Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
4x Sandstorm Eidolon
4x Seal of Doom
4x Seal of Fire
4x Shielding Plax
4x Silkwing Scout
4x Simic Basilisk
4x Simic Growth Chamber
4x Simic Guildmage
4x Simic Initiate
4x Simic Ragworm
4x Simic Signet
4x Skullmead Cauldron
4x Sky Hussar
4x Skyscribing
4x Slaughterhouse Bouncer
4x Slithering Shade
4x Soulsworn Jury
4x Spell Snare
4x Sporeback Troll
4x Squealing Devil
4x Steeling Stance
4x Stoic Ephemera
4x Stomp and Howl
4x Street Savvy
4x Supply/Demand
4x Taste for Mayhem
4x Thrive
4x Transguild Courier
4x Trial/Error
4x Trygon Predator
4x Twinstrike
4x Utopia Sprawl
4x Utvara Scalper
4x Valor Made Real
4x Verdant Eidolon
4x Vesper Ghoul
4x Vigean Graftmage
4x Vigean Hydropon
4x Vigean Intuition
4x Vision Skeins
4x Weight of Spires
4x Whiptail Moloch
4x Wrecking Ball
4x Writ of Passage

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