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  • ELD C/U Playset

ELD C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Throne of Eldraine set. This totals 804 cards.

The M20 'Planeswalker Deck Only' and 'Deckbuilder's Toolkit' cards are not included in this bundle as the only way to acquire them is in the Planeswalker Decks and Deckbuilder's Toolkit. They are not in normal M20 boosters and they are/were not redeemable. Those cards are; Chandra, Bold Pyromancer, Chandra's Outburst, Firesong and Sunspeaker, Karplusan Hound, Meandering River, Niambi, Faithful Healer, Pyromantic Pilgrim, Teferi, Timebender, Teferi's Sentinel, Temporal Machinations, Timber Gorge.

Included items:
4x All That Glitters
4x Animating Faerie
4x Arcanist's Owl
4x Archon of Absolution
4x Ardenvale Paladin
4x Ardenvale Tactician
4x Bake into a Pie
4x Barge In
4x Barrow Witches
4x Bartered Cow
4x Beanstalk Giant
4x Belle of the Brawl
4x Beloved Princess
4x Bloodhaze Wolverine
4x Blow Your House Down
4x Bog Naughty
4x Brimstone Trebuchet
4x Burning-Yard Trainer
4x Cauldron Familiar
4x Cauldron's Gift
4x Charmed Sleep
4x Claim the Firstborn
4x Clockwork Servant
4x Corridor Monitor
4x Covetous Urge
4x Crashing Drawbridge
4x Crystal Slipper
4x Curious Pair
4x Deafening Silence
4x Deathless Knight
4x Didn't Say Please
4x Drown in the Loch
4x Dwarven Mine
4x Edgewall Innkeeper
4x Elite Headhunter
4x Embereth Paladin
4x Embereth Shieldbreaker
4x Enchanted Carriage
4x Epic Downfall
4x Eye Collector
4x Faerie Guidemother
4x Faerie Vandal
4x Fell the Pheasant
4x Ferocity of the Wilds
4x Festive Funeral
4x Fierce Witchstalker
4x Fireborn Knight
4x Flaxen Intruder
4x Fling
4x Flutterfox
4x Foreboding Fruit
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forever Young
4x Fortifying Provisions
4x Foulmire Knight
4x Frogify
4x Garenbrig Carver
4x Garenbrig Paladin
4x Garenbrig Squire
4x Giant Opportunity
4x Giant's Skewer
4x Gingerbread Cabin
4x Gingerbrute
4x Glass Casket
4x Golden Egg
4x Grumgully, the Generous
4x Henge Walker
4x Heraldic Banner
4x Hypnotic Sprite
4x Idyllic Grange
4x Improbable Alliance
4x Inquisitive Puppet
4x Insatiable Appetite
4x Inspiring Veteran
4x Into the Story
4x Island
4x Island
4x Island
4x Island
4x Joust
4x Jousting Dummy
4x Keeper of Fables
4x Kenrith's Transformation
4x Knight of the Keep
4x Lash of Thorns
4x Loch Dragon
4x Locthwain Gargoyle
4x Locthwain Paladin
4x Lonesome Unicorn
4x Lost Legion
4x Lucky Clover
4x Mad Ratter
4x Malevolent Noble
4x Mantle of Tides
4x Maraleaf Pixie
4x Maraleaf Rider
4x Memory Theft
4x Merchant of the Vale
4x Merfolk Secretkeeper
4x Mistford River Turtle
4x Moonlit Scavengers
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mysterious Pathlighter
4x Mystic Sanctuary
4x Mystical Dispute
4x Oakhame Adversary
4x Oakhame Ranger
4x Ogre Errant
4x Once and Future
4x Opt
4x Order of Midnight
4x Outflank
4x Outmuscle
4x Overwhelmed Apprentice
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Prized Griffin
4x Prophet of the Peak
4x Queen of Ice
4x Raging Redcap
4x Rally for the Throne
4x Rampart Smasher
4x Reaper of Night
4x Reave Soul
4x Redcap Melee
4x Redcap Raiders
4x Resolute Rider
4x Return to Nature
4x Revenge of Ravens
4x Righteousness
4x Rimrock Knight
4x Rosethorn Acolyte
4x Rosethorn Halberd
4x Roving Keep
4x Run Away Together
4x Sage of the Falls
4x Savvy Hunter
4x Scalding Cauldron
4x Scorching Dragonfire
4x Searing Barrage
4x Seven Dwarves
4x Shambling Suit
4x Shepherd of the Flock
4x Shinechaser
4x Shining Armor
4x Signpost Scarecrow
4x Silverflame Ritual
4x Silverflame Squire
4x Skullknocker Ogre
4x Slaying Fire
4x Smitten Swordmaster
4x So Tiny
4x Sorcerer's Broom
4x Specter's Shriek
4x Spinning Wheel
4x Sporecap Spider
4x Steelclaw Lance
4x Steelgaze Griffin
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw
4x Syr Carah, the Bold
4x Syr Elenora, the Discerning
4x Syr Faren, the Hengehammer
4x Syr Konrad, the Grim
4x Tall as a Beanstalk
4x Tempting Witch
4x Thrill of Possibility
4x Thunderous Snapper
4x Tome Raider
4x Tournament Grounds
4x Trail of Crumbs
4x Trapped in the Tower
4x True Love's Kiss
4x Tuinvale Treefolk
4x Turn into a Pumpkin
4x Unexplained Vision
4x Vantress Paladin
4x Venerable Knight
4x Wandermare
4x Weapon Rack
4x Weaselback Redcap
4x Wicked Guardian
4x Wildwood Tracker
4x Wintermoor Commander
4x Wishful Merfolk
4x Witch's Cottage
4x Witch's Oven
4x Witching Well
4x Wolf's Quarry
4x Youthful Knight

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