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  • FRF Complete Set

FRF Complete Set

One copy of each card in the Fate Reforged set. This totals 175 cards.

FRF Basic lands are not included in this bundle. FRF regular basic lands on MTGO are not included in booster packs and are only included in Intro Packs and sealed complete sets that were given out as prizes. Foil Basic Lands were included in boosters however neither are included in set redemption and therefore will not be included in this bundle.

Included items:
1x Abzan Advantage
1x Abzan Beastmaster
1x Abzan Kin-Guard
1x Abzan Runemark
1x Abzan Skycaptain
1x Ainok Guide
1x Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
1x Alesha's Vanguard
1x Ambush Krotiq
1x Ancestral Vengeance
1x Arashin Cleric
1x Arashin War Beast
1x Arcbond
1x Archers of Qarsi
1x Archfiend of Depravity
1x Atarka, World Render
1x Aven Skirmisher
1x Aven Surveyor
1x Bathe in Dragonfire
1x Battle Brawler
1x Battlefront Krushok
1x Bloodfell Caves
1x Bloodfire Enforcers
1x Blossoming Sands
1x Break Through the Line
1x Brutal Hordechief
1x Cached Defenses
1x Channel Harm
1x Citadel Siege
1x Cloudform
1x Collateral Damage
1x Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
1x Crux of Fate
1x Cunning Strike
1x Daghatar the Adamant
1x Dark Deal
1x Defiant Ogre
1x Destructor Dragon
1x Diplomacy of the Wastes
1x Dismal Backwater
1x Douse in Gloom
1x Dragon Bell Monk
1x Dragonrage
1x Dragonscale General
1x Dromoka, the Eternal
1x Elite Scaleguard
1x Enhanced Awareness
1x Ethereal Ambush
1x Fascination
1x Fearsome Awakening
1x Feral Krushok
1x Fierce Invocation
1x Flamerush Rider
1x Flamewake Phoenix
1x Formless Nurturing
1x Friendly Fire
1x Frontier Mastodon
1x Frontier Siege
1x Frost Walker
1x Fruit of the First Tree
1x Ghastly Conscription
1x Goblin Boom Keg
1x Goblin Heelcutter
1x Gore Swine
1x Grave Strength
1x Great-Horn Krushok
1x Grim Contest
1x Gurmag Angler
1x Harsh Sustenance
1x Hero's Blade
1x Hewed Stone Retainers
1x Honor's Reward
1x Hooded Assassin
1x Humble Defector
1x Hungering Yeti
1x Hunt the Weak
1x Jeskai Barricade
1x Jeskai Infiltrator
1x Jeskai Runemark
1x Jeskai Sage
1x Jungle Hollow
1x Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury
1x Lightform
1x Lightning Shrieker
1x Lotus Path Djinn
1x Lotus-Eye Mystics
1x Map the Wastes
1x Marang River Prowler
1x Mardu Runemark
1x Mardu Scout
1x Mardu Shadowspear
1x Mardu Strike Leader
1x Mardu Woe-Reaper
1x Mastery of the Unseen
1x Merciless Executioner
1x Mindscour Dragon
1x Mistfire Adept
1x Mob Rule
1x Monastery Mentor
1x Monastery Siege
1x Neutralizing Blast
1x Noxious Dragon
1x Ojutai, Soul of Winter
1x Orc Sureshot
1x Outpost Siege
1x Palace Siege
1x Pilgrim of the Fires
1x Pressure Point
1x Pyrotechnics
1x Qarsi High Priest
1x Rageform
1x Rakshasa's Disdain
1x Rally the Ancestors
1x Reach of Shadows
1x Reality Shift
1x Refocus
1x Renowned Weaponsmith
1x Return to the Earth
1x Rite of Undoing
1x Rugged Highlands
1x Ruthless Instincts
1x Sage-Eye Avengers
1x Sage's Reverie
1x Sandblast
1x Sandsteppe Mastodon
1x Sandsteppe Outcast
1x Scoured Barrens
1x Scroll of the Masters
1x Shaman of the Great Hunt
1x Shamanic Revelation
1x Shifting Loyalties
1x Shockmaw Dragon
1x Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest
1x Sibsig Host
1x Sibsig Muckdraggers
1x Silumgar, the Drifting Death
1x Smoldering Efreet
1x Soul Summons
1x Soulfire Grand Master
1x Soulflayer
1x Sudden Reclamation
1x Sultai Emissary
1x Sultai Runemark
1x Sultai Skullkeeper
1x Supplant Form
1x Swiftwater Cliffs
1x Tasigur, the Golden Fang
1x Tasigur's Cruelty
1x Temporal Trespass
1x Temur Battle Rage
1x Temur Runemark
1x Temur Sabertooth
1x Temur War Shaman
1x Thornwood Falls
1x Torrent Elemental
1x Tranquil Cove
1x Typhoid Rats
1x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1x Ugin's Construct
1x Valorous Stance
1x Vaultbreaker
1x Wandering Champion
1x War Flare
1x Warden of the First Tree
1x Wardscale Dragon
1x Whisk Away
1x Whisperer of the Wilds
1x Whisperwood Elemental
1x Wild Slash
1x Wildcall
1x Will of the Naga
1x Wind-Scarred Crag
1x Winds of Qal Sisma
1x Write into Being
1x Yasova Dragonclaw

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