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  • LGN Complete Foil Set

LGN Complete Foil Set

One foil copy of each card in the Legions set. This totals 145 cards.

Included items:
1x Akroma, Angel of Wrath
1x Akroma's Devoted
1x Aphetto Exterminator
1x Aven Envoy
1x Aven Redeemer
1x Aven Warhawk
1x Bane of the Living
1x Beacon of Destiny
1x Berserk Murlodont
1x Blade Sliver
1x Blood Celebrant
1x Bloodstoke Howler
1x Branchsnap Lorian
1x Brontotherium
1x Brood Sliver
1x Caller of the Claw
1x Canopy Crawler
1x Celestial Gatekeeper
1x Cephalid Pathmage
1x Chromeshell Crab
1x Clickslither
1x Cloudreach Cavalry
1x Corpse Harvester
1x Covert Operative
1x Crested Craghorn
1x Crookclaw Elder
1x Crypt Sliver
1x Dark Supplicant
1x Daru Mender
1x Daru Sanctifier
1x Daru Stinger
1x Deathmark Prelate
1x Defender of the Order
1x Defiant Elf
1x Deftblade Elite
1x Dermoplasm
1x Dreamborn Muse
1x Drinker of Sorrow
1x Dripping Dead
1x Earthblighter
1x Echo Tracer
1x Elvish Soultiller
1x Embalmed Brawler
1x Enormous Baloth
1x Essence Sliver
1x Feral Throwback
1x Flamewave Invoker
1x Frenetic Raptor
1x Fugitive Wizard
1x Gempalm Avenger
1x Gempalm Incinerator
1x Gempalm Polluter
1x Gempalm Sorcerer
1x Gempalm Strider
1x Ghastly Remains
1x Glintwing Invoker
1x Glowering Rogon
1x Glowrider
1x Goblin Assassin
1x Goblin Clearcutter
1x Goblin Dynamo
1x Goblin Firebug
1x Goblin Goon
1x Goblin Grappler
1x Goblin Lookout
1x Goblin Turncoat
1x Graveborn Muse
1x Havoc Demon
1x Hollow Specter
1x Hundroog
1x Hunter Sliver
1x Imperial Hellkite
1x Infernal Caretaker
1x Keeneye Aven
1x Keeper of the Nine Gales
1x Kilnmouth Dragon
1x Krosan Cloudscraper
1x Krosan Vorine
1x Lavaborn Muse
1x Liege of the Axe
1x Lowland Tracker
1x Macetail Hystrodon
1x Magma Sliver
1x Master of the Veil
1x Merchant of Secrets
1x Mistform Seaswift
1x Mistform Sliver
1x Mistform Ultimus
1x Mistform Wakecaster
1x Nantuko Vigilante
1x Needleshot Gourna
1x Noxious Ghoul
1x Patron of the Wild
1x Phage the Untouchable
1x Planar Guide
1x Plated Sliver
1x Primal Whisperer
1x Primoc Escapee
1x Quick Sliver
1x Ridgetop Raptor
1x Riptide Director
1x Riptide Mangler
1x Rockshard Elemental
1x Root Sliver
1x Scion of Darkness
1x Seedborn Muse
1x Shaleskin Plower
1x Shifting Sliver
1x Skinthinner
1x Skirk Alarmist
1x Skirk Drill Sergeant
1x Skirk Marauder
1x Skirk Outrider
1x Smokespew Invoker
1x Sootfeather Flock
1x Spectral Sliver
1x Starlight Invoker
1x Stoic Champion
1x Stonewood Invoker
1x Sunstrike Legionnaire
1x Swooping Talon
1x Synapse Sliver
1x Timberwatch Elf
1x Totem Speaker
1x Toxin Sliver
1x Tribal Forcemage
1x Unstable Hulk
1x Vexing Beetle
1x Vile Deacon
1x Voidmage Apprentice
1x Wall of Deceit
1x Wall of Hope
1x Warbreak Trumpeter
1x Ward Sliver
1x Warped Researcher
1x Weaver of Lies
1x Whipgrass Entangler
1x White Knight
1x Willbender
1x Windborn Muse
1x Wingbeat Warrior
1x Wirewood Channeler
1x Wirewood Hivemaster
1x Withered Wretch
1x Zombie Brute

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