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  • NE Complete Foil Set

NE Complete Foil Set

One foil copy of each card in the Nemesis set. This totals 143 cards.

Included items:
1x Accumulated Knowledge
1x Aether Barrier
1x Air Bladder
1x Ancient Hydra
1x Angelic Favor
1x Animate Land
1x Arc Mage
1x Ascendant Evincar
1x Avenger en-Dal
1x Battlefield Percher
1x Belbe's Armor
1x Belbe's Percher
1x Belbe's Portal
1x Blastoderm
1x Blinding Angel
1x Bola Warrior
1x Carrion Wall
1x Chieftain en-Dal
1x Cloudskate
1x Coiling Woodworm
1x Complex Automaton
1x Dark Triumph
1x Daze
1x Death Pit Offering
1x Defender en-Vec
1x Defiant Falcon
1x Defiant Vanguard
1x Divining Witch
1x Dominate
1x Downhill Charge
1x Ensnare
1x Eye of Yawgmoth
1x Fanatical Devotion
1x Flame Rift
1x Flint Golem
1x Flowstone Armor
1x Flowstone Crusher
1x Flowstone Overseer
1x Flowstone Slide
1x Flowstone Strike
1x Flowstone Surge
1x Flowstone Thopter
1x Flowstone Wall
1x Fog Patch
1x Harvest Mage
1x Infiltrate
1x Jolting Merfolk
1x Kill Switch
1x Kor Haven
1x Laccolith Grunt
1x Laccolith Rig
1x Laccolith Titan
1x Laccolith Warrior
1x Laccolith Whelp
1x Lashknife
1x Lawbringer
1x Lightbringer
1x Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero
1x Mana Cache
1x Massacre
1x Mind Slash
1x Mind Swords
1x Mogg Alarm
1x Mogg Salvage
1x Mogg Toady
1x Moggcatcher
1x Mossdog
1x Murderous Betrayal
1x Nesting Wurm
1x Netter en-Dal
1x Noble Stand
1x Off Balance
1x Oracle's Attendants
1x Oraxid
1x Overlaid Terrain
1x Pack Hunt
1x Pale Moon
1x Parallax Dementia
1x Parallax Inhibitor
1x Parallax Nexus
1x Parallax Tide
1x Parallax Wave
1x Phyrexian Driver
1x Phyrexian Prowler
1x Plague Witch
1x Predator, Flagship
1x Rackling
1x Rath's Edge
1x Rathi Assassin
1x Rathi Fiend
1x Rathi Intimidator
1x Refreshing Rain
1x Rejuvenation Chamber
1x Reverent Silence
1x Rhox
1x Rising Waters
1x Rootwater Commando
1x Rootwater Thief
1x Rupture
1x Rusting Golem
1x Saproling Burst
1x Saproling Cluster
1x Seahunter
1x Seal of Cleansing
1x Seal of Doom
1x Seal of Fire
1x Seal of Removal
1x Seal of Strength
1x Shrieking Mogg
1x Silkenfist Fighter
1x Silkenfist Order
1x Sivvi's Ruse
1x Sivvi's Valor
1x Skyshroud Behemoth
1x Skyshroud Claim
1x Skyshroud Cutter
1x Skyshroud Poacher
1x Skyshroud Ridgeback
1x Skyshroud Sentinel
1x Sliptide Serpent
1x Sneaky Homunculus
1x Spineless Thug
1x Spiritual Asylum
1x Spiteful Bully
1x Stampede Driver
1x Stronghold Biologist
1x Stronghold Discipline
1x Stronghold Gambit
1x Stronghold Machinist
1x Stronghold Zeppelin
1x Submerge
1x Tangle Wire
1x Terrain Generator
1x Topple
1x Treetop Bracers
1x Trickster Mage
1x Vicious Hunger
1x Viseling
1x Voice of Truth
1x Volrath the Fallen
1x Wandering Eye
1x Wild Mammoth
1x Woodripper

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