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  • OD Complete Foil Set

OD Complete Foil Set

One foil copy of each card in the Odyssey set. This totals 350 cards.

Included items:
1x Abandoned Outpost
1x Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
1x Aboshan's Desire
1x Acceptable Losses
1x Aegis of Honor
1x Aether Burst
1x Afflict
1x Amugaba
1x Anarchist
1x Ancestral Tribute
1x Angelic Wall
1x Animal Boneyard
1x Ashen Firebeast
1x Atogatog
1x Aura Graft
1x Auramancer
1x Aven Archer
1x Aven Cloudchaser
1x Aven Fisher
1x Aven Flock
1x Aven Shrine
1x Aven Smokeweaver
1x Aven Windreader
1x Balancing Act
1x Balshan Beguiler
1x Balshan Griffin
1x Bamboozle
1x Barbarian Lunatic
1x Barbarian Ring
1x Bash to Bits
1x Battle of Wits
1x Battle Strain
1x Bearscape
1x Beast Attack
1x Beloved Chaplain
1x Blazing Salvo
1x Blessed Orator
1x Bloodcurdler
1x Bog Wreckage
1x Bomb Squad
1x Braids, Cabal Minion
1x Buried Alive
1x Burning Sands
1x Cabal Inquisitor
1x Cabal Patriarch
1x Cabal Pit
1x Cabal Shrine
1x Call of the Herd
1x Cantivore
1x Careful Study
1x Cartographer
1x Catalyst Stone
1x Caustic Tar
1x Cease-Fire
1x Centaur Garden
1x Cephalid Broker
1x Cephalid Coliseum
1x Cephalid Looter
1x Cephalid Retainer
1x Cephalid Scout
1x Cephalid Shrine
1x Chainflinger
1x Chamber of Manipulation
1x Chance Encounter
1x Charmed Pendant
1x Chatter of the Squirrel
1x Childhood Horror
1x Chlorophant
1x Coffin Purge
1x Cognivore
1x Concentrate
1x Confessor
1x Crashing Centaur
1x Crypt Creeper
1x Crystal Quarry
1x Cultural Exchange
1x Cursed Monstrosity
1x Darkwater Catacombs
1x Darkwater Egg
1x Decaying Soil
1x Decimate
1x Decompose
1x Dedicated Martyr
1x Deep Reconnaissance
1x Delaying Shield
1x Deluge
1x Dematerialize
1x Demolish
1x Demoralize
1x Deserted Temple
1x Devoted Caretaker
1x Diabolic Tutor
1x Diligent Farmhand
1x Dirty Wererat
1x Divert
1x Divine Sacrament
1x Dogged Hunter
1x Dreamwinder
1x Druid Lyrist
1x Druid's Call
1x Dusk Imp
1x Dwarven Grunt
1x Dwarven Recruiter
1x Dwarven Shrine
1x Dwarven Strike Force
1x Earnest Fellowship
1x Earth Rift
1x Elephant Ambush
1x Ember Beast
1x Embolden
1x Engulfing Flames
1x Entomb
1x Epicenter
1x Escape Artist
1x Execute
1x Extract
1x Face of Fear
1x Famished Ghoul
1x Fervent Denial
1x Filthy Cur
1x Firebolt
1x Flame Burst
1x Fledgling Imp
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Frenetic Ogre
1x Frightcrawler
1x Gallantry
1x Ghastly Demise
1x Gorilla Titan
1x Graceful Antelope
1x Gravedigger
1x Gravestorm
1x Ground Seal
1x Halberdier
1x Hallowed Healer
1x Haunting Echoes
1x Hint of Insanity
1x Holistic Wisdom
1x Howling Gale
1x Immobilizing Ink
1x Impulsive Maneuvers
1x Infected Vermin
1x Innocent Blood
1x Iridescent Angel
1x Island
1x Island
1x Island
1x Island
1x Ivy Elemental
1x Junk Golem
1x Kamahl, Pit Fighter
1x Kamahl's Desire
1x Karmic Justice
1x Kirtar's Desire
1x Kirtar's Wrath
1x Krosan Archer
1x Krosan Avenger
1x Krosan Beast
1x Laquatus's Creativity
1x Last Rites
1x Lava Blister
1x Leaf Dancer
1x Lieutenant Kirtar
1x Life Burst
1x Limestone Golem
1x Liquid Fire
1x Lithatog
1x Luminous Guardian
1x Mad Dog
1x Magma Vein
1x Magnivore
1x Malevolent Awakening
1x Master Apothecary
1x Metamorphic Wurm
1x Millikin
1x Mind Burst
1x Mindslicer
1x Mine Layer
1x Minotaur Explorer
1x Mirari
1x Molten Influence
1x Moment's Peace
1x Morbid Hunger
1x Morgue Theft
1x Mortivore
1x Mossfire Egg
1x Mossfire Valley
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mudhole
1x Muscle Burst
1x Mystic Crusader
1x Mystic Enforcer
1x Mystic Penitent
1x Mystic Visionary
1x Mystic Zealot
1x Nantuko Disciple
1x Nantuko Elder
1x Nantuko Mentor
1x Nantuko Shrine
1x Need for Speed
1x Nefarious Lich
1x New Frontiers
1x Nimble Mongoose
1x Nomad Decoy
1x Nomad Stadium
1x Nut Collector
1x Obstinate Familiar
1x Otarian Juggernaut
1x Overeager Apprentice
1x Overrun
1x Painbringer
1x Pardic Firecat
1x Pardic Miner
1x Pardic Swordsmith
1x Patchwork Gnomes
1x Patriarch's Desire
1x Patrol Hound
1x Patron Wizard
1x Pedantic Learning
1x Peek
1x Persuasion
1x Petrified Field
1x Phantatog
1x Phantom Whelp
1x Pianna, Nomad Captain
1x Pilgrim of Justice
1x Pilgrim of Virtue
1x Piper's Melody
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Predict
1x Price of Glory
1x Primal Frenzy
1x Psionic Gift
1x Psychatog
1x Pulsating Illusion
1x Puppeteer
1x Rabid Elephant
1x Ravaged Highlands
1x Ray of Distortion
1x Reckless Charge
1x Recoup
1x Refresh
1x Repel
1x Repentant Vampire
1x Resilient Wanderer
1x Rites of Initiation
1x Rites of Refusal
1x Rites of Spring
1x Roar of the Wurm
1x Rotting Giant
1x Sacred Rites
1x Sadistic Hypnotist
1x Sandstone Deadfall
1x Sarcatog
1x Savage Firecat
1x Scorching Missile
1x Screams of the Damned
1x Scrivener
1x Seafloor Debris
1x Second Thoughts
1x Seize the Day
1x Seton, Krosan Protector
1x Seton's Desire
1x Shadowblood Egg
1x Shadowblood Ridge
1x Shadowmage Infiltrator
1x Shelter
1x Shifty Doppelganger
1x Shower of Coals
1x Simplify
1x Skeletal Scrying
1x Skull Fracture
1x Skycloud Egg
1x Skycloud Expanse
1x Skyshooter
1x Soulcatcher
1x Spark Mage
1x Spellbane Centaur
1x Sphere of Duty
1x Sphere of Grace
1x Sphere of Law
1x Sphere of Reason
1x Sphere of Truth
1x Spiritualize
1x Springing Tiger
1x Squirrel Mob
1x Squirrel Nest
1x Stalking Bloodsucker
1x Standstill
1x Steam Vines
1x Steamclaw
1x Still Life
1x Stone-Tongue Basilisk
1x Sungrass Egg
1x Sungrass Prairie
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Sylvan Might
1x Syncopate
1x Tainted Pact
1x Tarnished Citadel
1x Tattoo Ward
1x Terravore
1x Testament of Faith
1x Thaumatog
1x Thermal Blast
1x Think Tank
1x Thought Devourer
1x Thought Eater
1x Thought Nibbler
1x Timberland Ruins
1x Time Stretch
1x Tireless Tribe
1x Tombfire
1x Touch of Invisibility
1x Traumatize
1x Traveling Plague
1x Treetop Sentinel
1x Tremble
1x Twigwalker
1x Unifying Theory
1x Upheaval
1x Vampiric Dragon
1x Verdant Succession
1x Vivify
1x Volcanic Spray
1x Volley of Boulders
1x Wayward Angel
1x Werebear
1x Whipkeeper
1x Whispering Shade
1x Wild Mongrel
1x Woodland Druid
1x Words of Wisdom
1x Zombie Assassin
1x Zombie Cannibal
1x Zombie Infestation
1x Zombify
1x Zoologist

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