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  • ST C/U Playset

ST C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Stronghold set. This totals 396 cards.

Included items:
4x Acidic Sliver
4x Bandage
4x Bottomless Pit
4x Brush with Death
4x Bullwhip
4x Calming Licid
4x Cannibalize
4x Change of Heart
4x Cloud Spirit
4x Constant Mists
4x Contemplation
4x Contempt
4x Conviction
4x Convulsing Licid
4x Corrupting Licid
4x Craven Giant
4x Crossbow Ambush
4x Crystalline Sliver
4x Dauthi Trapper
4x Death Stroke
4x Dream Prowler
4x Duct Crawler
4x Dungeon Shade
4x Elven Rite
4x Endangered Armodon
4x Fanning the Flames
4x Flame Wave
4x Fling
4x Flowstone Blade
4x Flowstone Hellion
4x Flowstone Shambler
4x Foul Imp
4x Furnace Spirit
4x Gliding Licid
4x Hammerhead Shark
4x Heartstone
4x Heat of Battle
4x Hesitation
4x Hibernation Sliver
4x Honor Guard
4x Hornet Cannon
4x Lab Rats
4x Lancers en-Kor
4x Leap
4x Lowland Basilisk
4x Mana Leak
4x Mask of the Mimic
4x Megrim
4x Mind Games
4x Mind Peel
4x Mob Justice
4x Mogg Bombers
4x Mogg Flunkies
4x Mogg Maniac
4x Morgue Thrull
4x Mulch
4x Nomads en-Kor
4x Overgrowth
4x Primal Rage
4x Provoke
4x Rabid Rats
4x Ransack
4x Rebound
4x Samite Blessing
4x Scapegoat
4x Seething Anger
4x Serpent Warrior
4x Shifting Wall
4x Shock
4x Sift
4x Skyshroud Archer
4x Skyshroud Falcon
4x Skyshroud Troopers
4x Smite
4x Spike Colony
4x Spike Feeder
4x Spike Soldier
4x Spike Worker
4x Spindrift Drake
4x Spined Sliver
4x Spined Wurm
4x Spirit en-Kor
4x Stronghold Taskmaster
4x Temper
4x Tempting Licid
4x Tidal Surge
4x Tidal Warrior
4x Torment
4x Tortured Existence
4x Venerable Monk
4x Victual Sliver
4x Walking Dream
4x Wall of Blossoms
4x Wall of Essence
4x Wall of Razors
4x Wall of Souls
4x Wall of Tears
4x Warrior en-Kor
4x Youthful Knight

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