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  • UD C/U Playset

UD C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Urza's Destiny set. This totals 396 cards.

Included items:
4x Aether Sting
4x Archery Training
4x Braidwood Cup
4x Braidwood Sextant
4x Brass Secretary
4x Brine Seer
4x Bubbling Beebles
4x Bubbling Muck
4x Caltrops
4x Capashen Knight
4x Capashen Standard
4x Capashen Templar
4x Chime of Night
4x Cinder Seer
4x Colos Yearling
4x Compost
4x Disappear
4x Disease Carriers
4x Dying Wail
4x Elvish Lookout
4x Encroach
4x Eradicate
4x Extruder
4x Fatigue
4x Fend Off
4x Festering Wound
4x Field Surgeon
4x Flame Jet
4x Fledgling Osprey
4x Fodder Cannon
4x Gamekeeper
4x Goblin Berserker
4x Goblin Gardener
4x Goblin Masons
4x Goliath Beetle
4x Heart Warden
4x Hulking Ogre
4x Hunting Moa
4x Illuminated Wings
4x Incendiary
4x Iridescent Drake
4x Ivy Seer
4x Jasmine Seer
4x Keldon Champion
4x Keldon Vandals
4x Kingfisher
4x Landslide
4x Lurking Jackals
4x Magnify
4x Mantis Engine
4x Mark of Fury
4x Marker Beetles
4x Mask of Law and Grace
4x Mental Discipline
4x Metathran Elite
4x Metathran Soldier
4x Momentum
4x Multani's Decree
4x Nightshade Seer
4x Phyrexian Monitor
4x Plague Dogs
4x Plated Spider
4x Private Research
4x Quash
4x Ravenous Rats
4x Reckless Abandon
4x Reliquary Monk
4x Rescue
4x Rofellos's Gift
4x Sanctimony
4x Scent of Brine
4x Scent of Cinder
4x Scent of Ivy
4x Scent of Jasmine
4x Scent of Nightshade
4x Scour
4x Serra Advocate
4x Sigil of Sleep
4x Skittering Horror
4x Slinking Skirge
4x Solidarity
4x Soul Feast
4x Sowing Salt
4x Splinter
4x Squirming Mass
4x Taunting Elf
4x Telepathic Spies
4x Thieving Magpie
4x Thran Dynamo
4x Thran Foundry
4x Tormented Angel
4x Trumpet Blast
4x Twisted Experiment
4x Voice of Duty
4x Voice of Reason
4x Wall of Glare
4x Wild Colos
4x Yavimaya Elder
4x Yavimaya Enchantress

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