• 2X2 C/U Playset

2X2 C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Double Masters 2022 set. This totals 684 cards.

This bundle only includes the base set cards from 2X2 with collector numbers between 1 and 331. Any variants or special cards with a higher collector number are not included.

Included items:
4x Abzan Charm
4x Abzan Falconer
4x Advanced Stitchwing
4x Aethermage's Touch
4x Aethersnipe
4x Agony Warp
4x Ainok Bond-Kin
4x Ambuscade
4x Annoyed Altisaur
4x Anointer of Valor
4x Arachnus Spinner
4x Arachnus Web
4x Auger Spree
4x Aven Initiate
4x Azorius Chancery
4x Balustrade Spy
4x Bant Charm
4x Battlefield Promotion
4x Bear's Companion
4x Biogenic Upgrade
4x Blazing Hellhound
4x Blood Artist
4x Bloodbraid Elf
4x Bloodflow Connoisseur
4x Bloodwater Entity
4x Body Double
4x Boros Garrison
4x Bounty of the Luxa
4x Breakthrough
4x Brindle Shoat
4x Burning-Tree Emissary
4x Call to the Feast
4x Capture Sphere
4x Carrier Thrall
4x Cartel Aristocrat
4x Centaur Battlemaster
4x Chronicler of Heroes
4x Civic Saber
4x Coiling Oracle
4x Coldsteel Heart
4x Conclave Mentor
4x Crackling Doom
4x Dark-Dweller Oracle
4x Deadly Recluse
4x Deep Analysis
4x Deranged Assistant
4x Devoted Druid
4x Dimir Aqueduct
4x Disfigure
4x Domestication
4x Doomed Traveler
4x Dragon Arch
4x Dreamshaper Shaman
4x Dreg Mangler
4x Eel Umbra
4x Elvish Rejuvenator
4x Eternal Witness
4x Experiment One
4x Extract from Darkness
4x Eyeblight's Ending
4x Fiery Fall
4x Fireblade Artist
4x Firemind Vessel
4x Flickerwisp
4x Forbidden Alchemy
4x Gloryscale Viashino
4x Glowspore Shaman
4x Gnarlback Rhino
4x Go for the Throat
4x Goblin Banneret
4x Gods Willing
4x Golgari Rot Farm
4x Grapple with the Past
4x Graveblade Marauder
4x Ground Assault
4x Gruul Turf
4x Hero of the Games
4x Heroic Reinforcements
4x Hissing Iguanar
4x Hyena Umbra
4x Ingenious Skaab
4x Inquisition of Kozilek
4x Izzet Boilerworks
4x Izzet Charm
4x Jeskai Charm
4x Jeskai Elder
4x Kasmina's Transmutation
4x Knightly Valor
4x Kruin Striker
4x Labyrinth Champion
4x Last Breath
4x Lava Coil
4x League Guildmage
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Lightning Helix
4x Liliana's Elite
4x Livewire Lash
4x Living Lightning
4x Lotleth Troll
4x Lyev Skyknight
4x Makeshift Mauler
4x Mana Leak
4x Martial Glory
4x Mentor of the Meek
4x Might of Old Krosa
4x Militia Bugler
4x Mistfire Adept
4x Mistmeadow Witch
4x Momentary Blink
4x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Mulldrifter
4x Myth Realized
4x Nephalia Smuggler
4x Orzhov Basilica
4x Orzhov Pontiff
4x Path to Exile
4x Pirate's Pillage
4x Prophetic Bolt
4x Psychic Symbiont
4x Purphoros's Emissary
4x Qasali Pridemage
4x Rakdos Carnarium
4x Rampant Growth
4x Rancor
4x Relief Captain
4x Rift Bolt
4x River Hoopoe
4x Scab-Clan Giant
4x Scale Blessing
4x Scion of Darkness
4x Sedraxis Specter
4x Seeker of the Way
4x Seekers' Squire
4x Selesnya Sanctuary
4x Sensor Splicer
4x Settle Beyond Reality
4x Severed Strands
4x Shadowborn Apostle
4x Simic Growth Chamber
4x Skeleton Archer
4x Skinrender
4x Sparkmage's Gambit
4x Spell Pierce
4x Spider Spawning
4x Sprouting Thrinax
4x Staggershock
4x Storm Fleet Pyromancer
4x Strands of Undeath
4x Sultai Soothsayer
4x Summer Bloom
4x Supernatural Stamina
4x Surreal Memoir
4x Tenth District Legionnaire
4x Terminate
4x Thought Scour
4x Thrive
4x Titan's Strength
4x Tower Gargoyle
4x Travel Preparations
4x Traveler's Amulet
4x Tuskguard Captain
4x Unburial Rites
4x Unearth
4x Vampire Sovereign
4x Vampiric Rites
4x Wall of Omens
4x Wash Out
4x Webweaver Changeling
4x Winged Coatl
4x Wingsteed Rider
4x Young Pyromancer

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