• AVR C/U Playset

AVR C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Avacyn Restored set. This totals 704 cards.

This bundle only includes the base set cards from AVR with collector numbers between 1 and 244. Any variants or special cards with a higher collector number are not included.

Included items:
4x Abundant Growth
4x Aggravate
4x Alchemist's Apprentice
4x Amass the Components
4x Angel's Mercy
4x Angel's Tomb
4x Angelic Armaments
4x Angelic Wall
4x Appetite for Brains
4x Archangel
4x Banishing Stroke
4x Banners Raised
4x Barter in Blood
4x Battle Hymn
4x Bladed Bracers
4x Blessings of Nature
4x Blood Artist
4x Bloodflow Connoisseur
4x Bone Splinters
4x Borderland Ranger
4x Bower Passage
4x Builder's Blessing
4x Butcher Ghoul
4x Call to Serve
4x Cathedral Sanctifier
4x Cloudshift
4x Commander's Authority
4x Corpse Traders
4x Crippling Chill
4x Crypt Creeper
4x Cursebreak
4x Dangerous Wager
4x Death Wind
4x Defang
4x Defy Death
4x Demolish
4x Demonic Taskmaster
4x Devout Chaplain
4x Diregraf Escort
4x Dreadwaters
4x Driver of the Dead
4x Druid's Familiar
4x Eaten by Spiders
4x Elgaud Shieldmate
4x Emancipation Angel
4x Essence Harvest
4x Evernight Shade
4x Falkenrath Exterminator
4x Farbog Explorer
4x Favorable Winds
4x Fervent Cathar
4x Fettergeist
4x Fleeting Distraction
4x Flowering Lumberknot
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Galvanic Alchemist
4x Gang of Devils
4x Geist Snatch
4x Geist Trappers
4x Ghostform
4x Ghostly Flicker
4x Ghostly Touch
4x Ghoulflesh
4x Gloomwidow
4x Goldnight Commander
4x Goldnight Redeemer
4x Grave Exchange
4x Grounded
4x Gryff Vanguard
4x Guise of Fire
4x Hanweir Lancer
4x Haunted Guardian
4x Havengul Skaab
4x Havengul Vampire
4x Heirs of Stromkirk
4x Holy Justiciar
4x Homicidal Seclusion
4x Howlgeist
4x Human Frailty
4x Hunted Ghoul
4x Into the Void
4x Island
4x Island
4x Island
4x Joint Assault
4x Kessig Malcontents
4x Kruin Striker
4x Lair Delve
4x Latch Seeker
4x Leap of Faith
4x Lightning Mauler
4x Lightning Prowess
4x Maalfeld Twins
4x Mad Prophet
4x Malicious Intent
4x Marrow Bats
4x Mass Appeal
4x Mental Agony
4x Midnight Duelist
4x Midvast Protector
4x Mist Raven
4x Moonlight Geist
4x Moorland Inquisitor
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Narstad Scrapper
4x Natural End
4x Nearheath Pilgrim
4x Necrobite
4x Nephalia Smuggler
4x Nettle Swine
4x Nightshade Peddler
4x Outwit
4x Pathbreaker Wurm
4x Peel from Reality
4x Pillar of Flame
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Polluted Dead
4x Predator's Gambit
4x Raging Poltergeist
4x Rain of Thorns
4x Renegade Demon
4x Righteous Blow
4x Riot Ringleader
4x Rotcrown Ghoul
4x Rush of Blood
4x Scalding Devil
4x Scrapskin Drake
4x Scroll of Avacyn
4x Scroll of Griselbrand
4x Searchlight Geist
4x Second Guess
4x Seraph of Dawn
4x Seraph Sanctuary
4x Sheltering Word
4x Snare the Skies
4x Somberwald Vigilante
4x Soulcage Fiend
4x Spectral Gateguards
4x Spectral Prison
4x Stern Mentor
4x Stonewright
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Tandem Lookout
4x Terrifying Presence
4x Thatcher Revolt
4x Thraben Valiant
4x Thunderbolt
4x Thunderous Wrath
4x Timberland Guide
4x Tormentor's Trident
4x Triumph of Cruelty
4x Triumph of Ferocity
4x Trusted Forcemage
4x Uncanny Speed
4x Undead Executioner
4x Unhallowed Pact
4x Vanguard's Shield
4x Vanishment
4x Vessel of Endless Rest
4x Vigilante Justice
4x Voice of the Provinces
4x Vorstclaw
4x Wandering Wolf
4x Wildwood Geist
4x Wingcrafter
4x Wolfir Avenger
4x Yew Spirit
4x Zealous Strike

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