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  • CON C/U Playset

CON C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Conflux set. This totals 400 cards.

Included items:
4x Absorb Vis
4x Aerie Mystics
4x Ancient Ziggurat
4x Armillary Sphere
4x Asha's Favor
4x Aven Squire
4x Aven Trailblazer
4x Beacon Behemoth
4x Bone Saw
4x Brackwater Elemental
4x Canyon Minotaur
4x Celestial Purge
4x Constricting Tendrils
4x Controlled Instincts
4x Corrupted Roots
4x Countersquall
4x Court Homunculus
4x Cumber Stone
4x Dark Temper
4x Darklit Gargoyle
4x Drag Down
4x Dragonsoul Knight
4x Dreadwing
4x Elder Mastery
4x Ember Weaver
4x Esper Cormorants
4x Esperzoa
4x Exploding Borders
4x Faerie Mechanist
4x Fiery Fall
4x Filigree Fracture
4x Fleshformer
4x Frontline Sage
4x Fusion Elemental
4x Gleam of Resistance
4x Gluttonous Slime
4x Goblin Outlander
4x Grixis Illusionist
4x Grixis Slavedriver
4x Hellkite Hatchling
4x Hellspark Elemental
4x Ignite Disorder
4x Infectious Horror
4x Jhessian Balmgiver
4x Kaleidostone
4x Knotvine Mystic
4x Kranioceros
4x Lapse of Certainty
4x Mana Cylix
4x Manaforce Mace
4x Maniacal Rage
4x Matca Rioters
4x Might of Alara
4x Molten Frame
4x Nacatl Hunt-Pride
4x Nacatl Outlander
4x Nacatl Savage
4x Paragon of the Amesha
4x Parasitic Strix
4x Path to Exile
4x Pestilent Kathari
4x Quenchable Fire
4x Reliquary Tower
4x Rhox Bodyguard
4x Rhox Meditant
4x Rotting Rats
4x Rupture Spire
4x Sacellum Archers
4x Salvage Slasher
4x Scarland Thrinax
4x Scattershot Archer
4x Scornful Aether-Lich
4x Sedraxis Alchemist
4x Shambling Remains
4x Shard Convergence
4x Skyward Eye Prophets
4x Sludge Strider
4x Spore Burst
4x Suicidal Charge
4x Sylvan Bounty
4x Toxic Iguanar
4x Traumatic Visions
4x Tukatongue Thallid
4x Unstable Frontier
4x Unsummon
4x Vagrant Plowbeasts
4x Valeron Outlander
4x Valiant Guard
4x Vectis Agents
4x Vedalken Outlander
4x Viashino Slaughtermaster
4x View from Above
4x Voices from the Void
4x Volcanic Fallout
4x Wandering Goblins
4x Wild Leotau
4x Worldly Counsel
4x Wretched Banquet
4x Yoke of the Damned
4x Zombie Outlander

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