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  • DKA C/U Playset

DKA C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Dark Ascension set. This totals 432 cards.

Included items:
4x Afflicted Deserter
4x Altar of the Lost
4x Artful Dodge
4x Avacyn's Collar
4x Bar the Door
4x Black Cat
4x Blood Feud
4x Bone to Ash
4x Break of Day
4x Briarpack Alpha
4x Burden of Guilt
4x Burning Oil
4x Chalice of Life
4x Chant of the Skifsang
4x Chill of Foreboding
4x Chosen of Markov
4x Clinging Mists
4x Crushing Vines
4x Curse of Exhaustion
4x Curse of Thirst
4x Dawntreader Elk
4x Deadly Allure
4x Death's Caress
4x Diregraf Captain
4x Divination
4x Drogskol Captain
4x Elgaud Inquisitor
4x Erdwal Ripper
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Executioner's Hood
4x Faith's Shield
4x Faithless Looting
4x Falkenrath Torturer
4x Farbog Boneflinger
4x Favor of the Woods
4x Fires of Undeath
4x Fling
4x Forge Devil
4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Gavony Ironwright
4x Gravepurge
4x Gravetiller Wurm
4x Grim Flowering
4x Griptide
4x Gruesome Discovery
4x Harrowing Journey
4x Haunted Fengraf
4x Headless Skaab
4x Heavy Mattock
4x Heckling Fiends
4x Highborn Ghoul
4x Hinterland Hermit
4x Hollowhenge Beast
4x Hollowhenge Spirit
4x Hunger of the Howlpack
4x Immerwolf
4x Kessig Recluse
4x Lambholt Elder
4x Lingering Souls
4x Loyal Cathar
4x Markov Warlord
4x Midnight Guard
4x Mystic Retrieval
4x Nearheath Stalker
4x Nephalia Seakite
4x Niblis of the Breath
4x Niblis of the Mist
4x Niblis of the Urn
4x Pyreheart Wolf
4x Ray of Revelation
4x Reap the Seagraf
4x Relentless Skaabs
4x Russet Wolves
4x Sanctuary Cat
4x Saving Grasp
4x Scorch the Fields
4x Scorned Villager
4x Screeching Skaab
4x Secrets of the Dead
4x Shattered Perception
4x Shriekgeist
4x Sightless Ghoul
4x Silverclaw Griffin
4x Skillful Lunge
4x Skirsdag Flayer
4x Somberwald Dryad
4x Soul Seizer
4x Spiteful Shadows
4x Stormbound Geist
4x Strangleroot Geist
4x Stromkirk Captain
4x Talons of Falkenrath
4x Thought Scour
4x Thraben Heretic
4x Torch Fiend
4x Tower Geist
4x Tracker's Instincts
4x Tragic Slip
4x Ulvenwald Bear
4x Undying Evil
4x Vengeful Vampire
4x Village Survivors
4x Wakedancer
4x Warden of the Wall
4x Wild Hunger
4x Wolfhunter's Quiver
4x Wrack with Madness
4x Young Wolf

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