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  • M15 C/U Playset

M15 C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Magic 2015 set. This totals 804 cards.

The M15 'Intro Pack Only' cards are not included in this bundle as the only way to acquire them is in the Intro Packs. They are not in normal M15 boosters and they are/were not redeemable. Those cards are; Aegis Angel, Divine Verdict, Inspired Charge, Serra Angel, Cancel, Mahamoti Djinn, Nightmare, Sengir Vampire, Walking Corpse, Furnace Whelp, Seismic Strike, Shivan Dragon, Centaur Courser, Garruk's Packleader, and Terra Stomper.

Included items:
4x Accursed Spirit
4x Act on Impulse
4x Aeronaut Tinkerer
4x Ajani's Pridemate
4x Altac Bloodseeker
4x Amphin Pathmage
4x Ancient Silverback
4x Back to Nature
4x Battle Mastery
4x Belligerent Sliver
4x Black Cat
4x Blastfire Bolt
4x Blood Host
4x Boonweaver Giant
4x Borderland Marauder
4x Brawler's Plate
4x Bronze Sable
4x Brood Keeper
4x Carnivorous Moss-Beast
4x Carrion Crow
4x Caustic Tar
4x Charging Rhino
4x Child of Night
4x Chronostutter
4x Circle of Flame
4x Clear a Path
4x Cone of Flame
4x Congregate
4x Constricting Sliver
4x Coral Barrier
4x Covenant of Blood
4x Crippling Blight
4x Crowd's Favor
4x Darksteel Citadel
4x Dauntless River Marshal
4x Devouring Light
4x Diffusion Sliver
4x Dissipate
4x Divination
4x Divine Favor
4x Elvish Mystic
4x Encrust
4x Endless Obedience
4x Ensoul Artifact
4x Ephemeral Shields
4x Eternal Thirst
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Feast on the Fallen
4x Feral Incarnation
4x Festergloom
4x First Response
4x Flesh to Dust
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Forge Devil
4x Foundry Street Denizen
4x Frenzied Goblin
4x Frost Lynx
4x Fugitive Wizard
4x Gargoyle Sentinel
4x Gather Courage
4x Geist of the Moors
4x Generator Servant
4x Glacial Crasher
4x Goblin Roughrider
4x Gravedigger
4x Hammerhand
4x Heat Ray
4x Heliod's Pilgrim
4x Hot Soup
4x Hunt the Weak
4x Hunter's Ambush
4x Hydrosurge
4x Illusory Angel
4x Inferno Fist
4x Into the Void
4x Invasive Species
4x Invisibility
4x Island
4x Island
4x Island
4x Island
4x Jace's Ingenuity
4x Jorubai Murk Lurker
4x Juggernaut
4x Kapsho Kitefins
4x Kinsbaile Skirmisher
4x Kird Chieftain
4x Krenko's Enforcer
4x Lava Axe
4x Leeching Sliver
4x Lightning Strike
4x Living Totem
4x Marked by Honor
4x Meditation Puzzle
4x Meteorite
4x Midnight Guard
4x Might Makes Right
4x Military Intelligence
4x Mind Rot
4x Mind Sculpt
4x Miner's Bane
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Naturalize
4x Necrobite
4x Necrogen Scudder
4x Necromancer's Assistant
4x Negate
4x Netcaster Spider
4x Nightfire Giant
4x Nimbus of the Isles
4x Nissa's Expedition
4x Oppressive Rays
4x Oreskos Swiftclaw
4x Ornithopter
4x Overwhelm
4x Paragon of Eternal Wilds
4x Paragon of Fierce Defiance
4x Paragon of Gathering Mists
4x Paragon of New Dawns
4x Paragon of Open Graves
4x Peel from Reality
4x Pillar of Light
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Plummet
4x Profane Memento
4x Quickling
4x Radiant Fountain
4x Raise the Alarm
4x Ranger's Guile
4x Razorfoot Griffin
4x Reclamation Sage
4x Research Assistant
4x Restock
4x Roaring Primadox
4x Rogue's Gloves
4x Rotfeaster Maggot
4x Rummaging Goblin
4x Runeclaw Bear
4x Sacred Armory
4x Sanctified Charge
4x Satyr Wayfinder
4x Scrapyard Mongrel
4x Selfless Cathar
4x Seraph of the Masses
4x Shadowcloak Vampire
4x Shaman of Spring
4x Shrapnel Blast
4x Siege Wurm
4x Sign in Blood
4x Solemn Offering
4x Soulmender
4x Stab Wound
4x Staff of the Death Magus
4x Staff of the Flame Magus
4x Staff of the Mind Magus
4x Staff of the Sun Magus
4x Staff of the Wild Magus
4x Statute of Denial
4x Stoke the Flames
4x Sunblade Elf
4x Sungrace Pegasus
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Thundering Giant
4x Tireless Missionaries
4x Titanic Growth
4x Torch Fiend
4x Tormod's Crypt
4x Triplicate Spirits
4x Turn to Frog
4x Typhoid Rats
4x Tyrant's Machine
4x Ulcerate
4x Undergrowth Scavenger
4x Unmake the Graves
4x Venom Sliver
4x Verdant Haven
4x Vineweft
4x Void Snare
4x Wall of Essence
4x Wall of Fire
4x Wall of Frost
4x Wall of Limbs
4x Wall of Mulch
4x Warden of the Beyond
4x Welkin Tern
4x Will-Forged Golem
4x Witch's Familiar
4x Xathrid Slyblade
4x Zof Shade

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