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  • MBS C/U Playset

MBS C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Mirrodin Besieged set. This totals 440 cards.

Included items:
4x Accorder Paladin
4x Ardent Recruit
4x Banishment Decree
4x Bladed Sentinel
4x Blightwidow
4x Blisterstick Shaman
4x Brass Squire
4x Burn the Impure
4x Caustic Hound
4x Choking Fumes
4x Concussive Bolt
4x Copper Carapace
4x Core Prowler
4x Corrupted Conscience
4x Crush
4x Divine Offering
4x Dross Ripper
4x Fangren Marauder
4x Flayer Husk
4x Flensermite
4x Flesh-Eater Imp
4x Forest
4x Forest
4x Frantic Salvage
4x Fuel for the Cause
4x Glissa's Courier
4x Gnathosaur
4x Go for the Throat
4x Goblin Wardriver
4x Gore Vassal
4x Gruesome Encore
4x Gust-Skimmer
4x Hexplate Golem
4x Horrifying Revelation
4x Ichor Wellspring
4x Into the Core
4x Island
4x Island
4x Kemba's Legion
4x Koth's Courier
4x Kuldotha Flamefiend
4x Kuldotha Ringleader
4x Lead the Stampede
4x Leonin Relic-Warder
4x Leonin Skyhunter
4x Loxodon Partisan
4x Lumengrid Gargoyle
4x Master's Call
4x Melira's Keepers
4x Metallic Mastery
4x Mirran Mettle
4x Mirran Spy
4x Morbid Plunder
4x Mortarpod
4x Mountain
4x Mountain
4x Myr Sire
4x Nested Ghoul
4x Neurok Commando
4x Oculus
4x Ogre Resister
4x Peace Strider
4x Phyresis
4x Phyrexian Digester
4x Phyrexian Juggernaut
4x Phyrexian Rager
4x Pierce Strider
4x Piston Sledge
4x Pistus Strike
4x Plague Myr
4x Plaguemaw Beast
4x Plains
4x Plains
4x Priests of Norn
4x Quicksilver Geyser
4x Quilled Slagwurm
4x Rally the Forces
4x Razorfield Rhino
4x Rot Wolf
4x Rusted Slasher
4x Scourge Servant
4x Septic Rats
4x Serum Raker
4x Shriekhorn
4x Signal Pest
4x Silverskin Armor
4x Skinwing
4x Sphere of the Suns
4x Spin Engine
4x Spiraling Duelist
4x Spire Serpent
4x Spread the Sickness
4x Steel Sabotage
4x Strandwalker
4x Swamp
4x Swamp
4x Tangle Hulk
4x Tangle Mantis
4x Tine Shrike
4x Training Drone
4x Treasure Mage
4x Turn the Tide
4x Unnatural Predation
4x Vedalken Anatomist
4x Vedalken Infuser
4x Viridian Claw
4x Viridian Corrupter
4x Viridian Emissary
4x Virulent Wound
4x Vivisection

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