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  • OGW C/U Playset

OGW C/U Playset

4 copies of each Common/Uncommon/Basic Land in the Oath of the Gatewatch set. This totals 520 cards.

Included items:
4x Abstruse Interference
4x Affa Protector
4x Akoum Flameseeker
4x Allied Reinforcements
4x Ancient Crab
4x Baloth Null
4x Baloth Pup
4x Birthing Hulk
4x Blinding Drone
4x Bonds of Mortality
4x Bone Saw
4x Boulder Salvo
4x Brute Strength
4x Canopy Gorger
4x Chitinous Cloak
4x Cinder Barrens
4x Cinder Hellion
4x Cliffhaven Vampire
4x Comparative Analysis
4x Consuming Sinkhole
4x Containment Membrane
4x Corpse Churn
4x Crumbling Vestige
4x Cultivator Drone
4x Cyclone Sire
4x Dazzling Reflection
4x Devour in Flames
4x Eldrazi Aggressor
4x Elemental Uprising
4x Embodiment of Fury
4x Embodiment of Insight
4x Essence Depleter
4x Expedite
4x Expedition Raptor
4x Flayer Drone
4x Flaying Tendrils
4x Gift of Tusks
4x Goblin Freerunner
4x Grasp of Darkness
4x Gravity Negator
4x Grip of the Roil
4x Harvester Troll
4x Havoc Sower
4x Hedron Crawler
4x Holdout Settlement
4x Immobilizer Eldrazi
4x Immolating Glare
4x Iona's Blessing
4x Isolation Zone
4x Joraga Auxiliary
4x Jwar Isle Avenger
4x Kazuul's Toll Collector
4x Kor Scythemaster
4x Kor Sky Climber
4x Kozilek's Pathfinder
4x Kozilek's Shrieker
4x Kozilek's Translator
4x Lead by Example
4x Loam Larva
4x Make a Stand
4x Makindi Aeronaut
4x Malakir Soothsayer
4x Maw of Kozilek
4x Meandering River
4x Mighty Leap
4x Mindmelter
4x Natural State
4x Negate
4x Netcaster Spider
4x Nissa's Judgment
4x Null Caller
4x Oblivion Strike
4x Ondu War Cleric
4x Press into Service
4x Prophet of Distortion
4x Pulse of Murasa
4x Pyromancer's Assault
4x Reality Hemorrhage
4x Reaver Drone
4x Reckless Bushwhacker
4x Reflector Mage
4x Relentless Hunter
4x Relief Captain
4x Roiling Waters
4x Ruin in Their Wake
4x Saddleback Lagac
4x Scion Summoner
4x Searing Light
4x Seed Guardian
4x Seer's Lantern
4x Shoulder to Shoulder
4x Sky Scourer
4x Slaughter Drone
4x Slip Through Space
4x Sparkmage's Gambit
4x Spatial Contortion
4x Spawnbinder Mage
4x Stalking Drone
4x Steppe Glider
4x Stoneforge Acolyte
4x Stormchaser Mage
4x Strider Harness
4x Submerged Boneyard
4x Sweep Away
4x Tajuru Pathwarden
4x Tar Snare
4x Tears of Valakut
4x Thought Harvester
4x Timber Gorge
4x Tranquil Expanse
4x Umara Entangler
4x Unity of Purpose
4x Unknown Shores
4x Unnatural Endurance
4x Untamed Hunger
4x Vampire Envoy
4x Vines of the Recluse
4x Visions of Brutality
4x Void Grafter
4x Void Shatter
4x Walker of the Wastes
4x Wall of Resurgence
4x Warden of Geometries
4x Warping Wail
4x Wastes
4x Wastes
4x Weapons Trainer
4x Witness the End
4x Zada's Commando
4x Zulaport Chainmage

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